October 16, 2017

The Trend: 

Groomed Minimalism


 Groomed to perfection, this look takes the no-makeup look up a few notches by utilizing tools instead of makeup. 



Why We Love It:


While we’ve loved the “No-Makeup Makeup” look for quite some time now, these added finishing touches take the look to a new level of subtle sophistication.


Must-Have Tools:


How To Do It:


Step 1:

Exfoliate then cleanse the skin with a Konjac Sponge and your favourite cleanser.  Gently massage your preferred moisturizer into the skin.


Step 2:

Apply a warm damp cloth to the skin around the eyebrows to soften the area.  This will make plucking stray hairs much less painful.  Brush the hairs to create your desired eyebrow shape. Trim any longer hairs with eyebrow scissors.


Step 3:

Using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes to open up the eyes.

Apply a coat of lighter coloured mascara such as a smokey grey or brown.


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